The odds of hitting the big one, say the Mega Millions (1:175 million) or the lotto (1:10 million) are huge. Consider lowering your odds by creating your own” lottery ticket” in the form of a 10 CENT Superfecta. Granted, you may not win the enormous sums of money the lottery promises, you can increase your return on investment (ROI) with the 10 CENT Superfecta now available at most race tracks.

Put off that pengeluaran sgp purchase and use that one dollar investment to put together ten 10 CENT Superfecta tickets that could pay off a nice return. The 10 CENT Superfecta is a fairly recent wagering innovation that the horse racing industry has embraced. It is where you predict the top four finishers in exact order in a race. Many say it is one of the best on the wagering menu.

Here are ten angles to examine in order to put your tickets together. These angles work best for claiming, allowance, stakes, and graded stakes races.

(1) The Jockeys. Pick the top four jockey’s in terms of their win percentage or in the money percentage (ITM) for that type of race. Make your ticket using the program numbers of the horses they are riding.

(2) The Trainers. Pick the top four trainers based on their win percentage or ITM for the given race surface or type of race, either sprint or route.

(3) Overall Speed. Choose the top four horses based upon their overall highest speed numbers.

(4) Surface Speed. Pick the top four based on their highest speed numbers over the surface that the race is being run on; dirt, synthetic, or turf.

(5) Distance Speed. Take the top four based on their highest speed number at the distance.

(6) Last Out Speed. Create your ticket based upon the top four speed numbers among each horse’s last two race outings.

(7) Workouts. This could be rather subjective at times, but workouts in the last thirty days are indicative of a horses fitness for the race they are about to run. This angle works well with longer routes, not so much with sprints. Make your picks based on what you feel are the top four workouts among the competitors.

(8) Track Speed. Make a ticket with the top four speed numbers at the specific track the race is being run. Combine this with the top four that have the best ITM’s for that track.

(9) Overall ITM Record. Place a dime on the four with the best overall in the money record.

(10) ITM dollars. Take the overall earnings for each horse and divide that number by the number of races that horse has run. That figure represents the amount of purse monies that horse has won per race. It is indicative of the class of horse. Take the top four and compose a 10 CENTsuperfecta ticket.

Most of this data can be derived from any of the past performance sheets (DRF, Bris-Net, or Equibase) you use to handicap your races.

Creating multiple 10 CENT Superfecta tickets for a given race could be your lottery ticket to some extra cash, while not expending gobs of cash to accomplish the fete. Cast aside that lottery ticket and get in the game.